Film Music

In his film music Nikolai Ivanov mixes modernity with different traditional elements. His works are extending between contemporary and modern classic, ethnic influences from the Balkans and other parts of the world, jazz and vanguard, improvisation music, electronic styles and new age.

The main element in Nikolai's film works is the melody. The composer thinks that there is deficit of it in contemporary music. All his themes are usually beautiful and with memorable melodies.

Nikolai strives to create “imaging” music that supports the film screen and the dramaturgy of the story and in the same time to transcend over the popular “clichés” and create a recognizable style in his work.


Pre-composed tracks

With the development of the visual media today, the use of especially composed music is not always possible and often in small productions there is no budget for it. Common practice is the use of pre-composed tracks and the range of selection in this area is large. Our goal is to create tracks which are different from the mass offered and have an unique, rich and melodic sound. We hope you will find the music for your project here.



Film Music by Nikolai Ivanov


Documentary and TV films:

“Bulgarian Saints” - directed by Kostadin Bonev (1993)

“Letters to the Lover Land” - directed by Kostadin Bonev (1994)

“XXX” - directed by Vasil Karkelanov (1994)

“Serving” (Petar Dinev) - directed by Kostadin Bonev (1995)

“The Spirit of the Temple” - directed by Kostadin Bonev (1996)

“The hidden Harmony” - directed by Petko Radilov (1997)

“Patience of the Stone” - directed by Kostadin Bonev (1998)

“Trinity” - directed by Emil Donkov (1999)                                          

“White Dreams” (The Himalaya) - directed by Doichin Vasilev (2000)

“The Apple” - directed by Kosta Chakarov (2001)

“Bread over the Fence” - directed by Stephan Komandarev (2001)

“Back and Forth” - directed by Kosta Chakarov (2001)

“Nesebar, Sozopol” - directed by Plamen  Penov (2002)

“The Fire of Devotion” – directed by Vasil Karkelanov (2004)

“The Ships are full” - directed by Kostadin Bonev (2005)

“Total Denial” (Birma) - directed by Milena Kaneva (Italy, 2005)

“Memories” - directed by Kostadin Bonev (2006)

Un vuoto che crea legami…” - CD to the book by John Kehoe (2006)

“Journey to Afghanistan” - directed by Venelin Petkov (2007)

“Healer” (Petar Dimkov) - directed by Stilian Ivanov (2007)

“Bulgarian Dream” - directed by Julian Angelov (2007)

“Time Hoppers” - Rapan Animation Studio (2007)

“Small Hands” - directed by Genka Shekerova (2008)

“The Truth about Orfeus” - directed by Stilian Ivanov (2008)

“Evropolis” - directed by Kostadin Bonev (2009)

“Konstantin Velichkov” - directed by Iliya Kostov (2009)

“Bridge over the Wall” - directed by Konstantin Zankov (2009)

“The closed line” - directed by Konstantin Zankov (2010)

“Run away evil” - directed by Vania Ivanova (2010)

„The Horo of the dead” - directed by Stefan Jambazov (2010)

“I… you…” - directed by Milena Kaleva (2010) 

“Galin” - directed by Konstantin Zankov (2012)

“In Search of Great Gensis” - directed by Nikolai Ivanov & Ivan Ivanov (2013)

“Vaptzarov” - directed by Kostadin Bonev (2013)

„Hvat Mitak“ - directed by Vania Ivanova (2014)

“Salto Mortale” - directed by Borislav Kolev (2014)

“Dobri Jeliazkov - Dobri Chintulov” - directed by Iliya Kostov (2014)

“Invisible Strings” - Never Know Studio (2015)

“Koleda” - directed by Borislav Kolev (2015)

“On the top” - directed by Zoya Dimitrova (2015)


Feature films:

“Warming Yesterday’s Lunch” - directed by Kostadin Bonev (2002)

“One Calorie Tenderness” - directed by Ivanka Grabcheva (2003)

“Rosenbush” - film musical project, directed by Kostadin Bonev (2005)

“Military correspondent“ (Iordan Iovkov) - directed by Kostadin Bonev (2007)

“The last Journey” - directed by Vasil Barkov (2009)

“Sunny” - directed by Iliya Kostov (2012)

“The Sinking of Sozopol” - directed by Kostadin Bonev (2014)