In search of a great genesys

The documentary film In Search of a great Genesis is dedicated to the land of the Dogon tribes in Mali, Africa. This is a personal story of the stay with the Dogons – a closed tribal community which has preserved archaic and unique mythology, beliefs, culture, mode of life and a shamanistic organization of the society. Fragments of the life of the Dogons, their rituals connected with Sirius and the remarkable nature around which are shot with a documentary and in most cases ‘hidden’ camera.

In fact the film is multilayered. On the one hand it traces what the life of these people is and on the other how the preserved centuries-old traditions meet with the invading elements of the outside culture and ‘civilization.’ The story passes through the hard mode of life conditions, the lack of electricity and water, the poor soil, the incredible place where they live – the two hundred – kilometer – slope of the plateau and its meeting with the sand plain. The author has interviews with different local people retelling about aspects of their life, he spends a number of days in Meni Codio’s house who has organized a movement struggling against the circumcision of women, he plays and sings with the native people.

The myths and ancient knowledge as in most of the cultures of that kind are preserved in graphic signs and pictograms. Thus a significant part of the film relates and reproduces the story in drawings and animation.

Like elsewhere, here in the Dogon land too things are on the verge of change – our consuming technological civilization devours everything. Yet the Energy of the Proto-being and its Resonance are clear enough despite almost fading away. The Dogons live and survive with difficulty, the secrets of the inaccessible sacral places are undiscovered as before, the shamans sit quietly and bear wisely the delivered messages of the Times. The Earth around vibrates with unexpected energy and the shining eyes of the Dogons and of the children running round with dancing gait glow with inexpressible Love.


Bulgaria, 2013, 77 min., color, documentary

Directors - Nikolai Ivanov, Ivan Ivanov
Script - Nikolai Ivanov
Camera - Nikolai Ivanov
Editing - Ivan Ivanov
Animation - Vladislav Iliev - Phormatik Visual Lab
Music - Nikolai Ivanov
With - Jacob Dugnon, Seydou Dolo, Benjamin Poudiuongo, Meni Kodio