Kavali Trio - Spring (2016)

„Kavali” is a trio that tries to interpret in contemporary plan the Bulgarian folklore. Nikolai Ivanov composed new Bulgarian ethno music especially for this project. The trio existed from 1999 to 2007 and the energy of music making was very strong. The three musicians inspired each other and carried out a new and interesting musical symbiosis. This record was recorded live in the studio “Scala” in 2002 in Sofia and enriched and mastered in 2015.

Kostadin Genchev - kaval
Nikolai Ivanov - bulgarian tambura, ac. guitars, synthesizers, voice
Stoian Pavlov - tupan, darbuka, djembe, percussion

Compositions - Nikolai Ivanov
Live recording and mix - “Scala Studio”, Sofia 2002 by Ivaylo Vakavliev and Miloslav Popov
Additional record and mastering - “Nivani Studio”, Berlin 2015 by Nikolai Ivanov
Graphic design - Georgena Yordi

1. Spring (7:04)
2. Southern Wind (13:35)
3. Blue Morning (5:06)
4. Play (7:40) Sufi tale (10:58)
5. Sunny Day 1 (9:43)
6. Sunny Day 2 (6:55)
7. Morning song (7:07)