Nikolai Ivanov OM - Night Diary (2016)

“Night Diary” is inspired by the emotions of the life of the musician - trips, concerts, airports, railway stations, sessions, recordings, hotels, ecstasy, fun, joy, love, friendships and meetings for one night only, ideas and experiences, dialogues and conversations, people, places... so many beautiful nights! There have been used atmospheres, which were recorded by the author in different places around the world, as well voices of people, musicians, actors, related to all those experiences.

Musicians: Nikolai Ivanov - piano, keyboards, guitars, harmonica, bambo flutes, voices, djembe, darbuka, percussions, programing, samples, atmospheres
Voices: Karl Seglem, Gabriela Hadjikostova, Jacob Dougnon, Benjamin Poudiougo, Miroslav Shalev, Orlin Mitov, Elizabet Tzoneva, Veronika Yovcheva, Daniela Shaleva, Mia Rose, Nikolai Ivanov, Abdoulaye Dolo and others.
Recorded atmospheres from Paris, Budapest, Bamako, Sevare, Bandiagara (Mali), Berlin, Sofia, Malaga, Torun, airports, cafes, stations and other places.
Compositions and Arrangements - Nikolai Ivanov
Record and mixing - between 2012 and 2015 “Nivani Studio” Berlin

1. Night, Paris airport (4:08)
2. The piano. Sounds of the night (2:55)
3. Sogndal. The fiord (3:29)
4. The coast. Torremolinos (4:04)
5. The streets of Berlin and afterwards... (5:58)
6. Silent night (3:11)
7. Love in the desert (3:34)
8. 100 nights in Budapest (3:50)
9. Nights, sounds, memories (5:41)
10. Little moment (1:30)
11. Travel and travel again (5:31)
12. The old square. Torun (4:22)
13. The whisper of the night nymphs (1:36)
14. Bandiagara's blues. Mali (3:46)
15. Tale of the Moon (3:32)
16. Passion. Almost morning (4:52)