Nikolai Ivanov OM - Yoga Nidra (2015)

“Yoga Nidra” or “Music for dreaming”. Derived from the wisdom of ancient traditions this practice teaches how to consciously relax, as yoga teachers call it - “psychic sleep”, deep relaxation with inner awareness or “blissful relaxation”. Regular practice of yoga nidra is needed for the modern man subjected to constant stress. The main theme was composed in the Himalayas in 1996.

Nikolai Ivanov - piano, keyboards, acoustic guitars, percussion, voice, bamboo flute, atmospheres
Compositions and Arrangements - Nikolai Ivanov
Record and mixing - between 2014 and 2015 “Nivani Studio” Berlin

1. Sleeping bells (3:16)
2. Himalayan song (7:34)
3. Dreaming (10:21)
4. In the Silence (6:08)
5. Angelic voices (7:02)
6. Astral journey (14:04)
7. Far worlds (7:45)
8. Magic bells (2:31)