Two Men Orchestra – Magical Views (2019)

"Two Men Orchestra" is the new project of two "exotic" musicians: Nikolai Ivanov OM and Petar Yordanov (Buny).
The music they create together is a synthesis of different styles - ethno, ambient, jazz, electronics, sacral and esoteric music. Many instruments and timbres and overdubbing in real-time phrases make their music rich and particularly influential. Тhe musicians are looking for their unique expressiveness to bring the listener to a new dimension.
The music of "Two Men Orchestra" consists largely from Nikolai Ivanov's compositions for films.

Nikolai Ivanov OM - piano, synthesizers, acoustic and electric guitars, tamboura, voice, flutes, live loops
Petar Yordanov (Buny) - kajon, jembe, percussion, hang, el. hang, el. bass, live loops
Compositions - Nikolai Ivanov Om (except track 11- Petar Yordanov - Buny) Record and Mixing - between December 2018 and February, “Nivani Studio” Berlin

1. Sunrise (6:54)
2. Spring (5:55)
3. The Forest (dedicated to Robert Fripp) (4:32)
4. South Wind (5:34)
5. The Fire (6:15)
6. Passing Through (5:15)
7. Nostalgic Dance (3:37)
8. Evening Bossa (4:12)
9. Sunny Day (5:36)
10. Balkan Groove (2:52)
11. I'm moving (3:20)
12. Afro Song (dedicated to Joe Zawinul) (7:15)
13. Hymn (3:48)
14. Bulgarian Dream (3:24)